The La Foresteria Luxury Suites is located in Via del Tritone, a strategic street in the center of Rome, which leads to all the most famous and beautiful squares and streets of the Eternal City: Piazza di Spagna, Via dei Condotti, Piazza Barberini.

Just Piazza Barberini is the culmination of the famous ascent of Via del Tritone and lies between the Colle Quirinale and the Horti Sallustiani. The square takes its name from the Palazzo Barberini, which overlooks it and is embellished by the Fontana del Tritone (named after Via del Tritone), realized by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1643, commissioned by Pope Urban VIII Barberini.


To make the square even more beautiful, there is another fountain: it is the Bee Fountain, insect symbol of the Barberini. The fountain rises at the intersection with another very famous street in Rome, that Via Veneto so talked about and celebrated in many old movies and books, a destination of artists from all over the world, romantic and noble.

Via Veneto is perhaps the most decented street of the '50s and' 60s and is still recognized as one of the most evocative routes in Rome. Piazza Barberini was also chosen for the unbridled race of Bianchina by Ugo Fantozzi in the film Fantozzi retired.

The Foresteria Luxury Suites customers will be able to admire this portion of Roman life not only through so much art but also through food. There are many great restaurants in Via Veneto / Piazza Barberini, among which one can perhaps remember the most frequented by tourists around the world: The Hard Rock Café Rome.

For lovers of shopping, there are many great signatures from Rolex and Ralph Lauren to Zara and H & M, and if you like the cinema, at Piazza Barberini you will enjoy the best film programs at the Multisala Barberini, which can be reached in 300 mt. Walking.

The Foresteria Luxury Suites is located just steps from Piazza Barberini, in the very same block of the Trevi Fountain, waiting to give you all the great excitement of Rome.
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